Frugal Yakima Mom’s tips on saving Christmas!

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Online shopping is one of many ways to find good deals.

By Aubrey Does

Frugal Yakima Mom

The weather has cooled and Halloween is over, which means the season for buying gifts is here. Hopefully these simple tips will take some of the stress away from all of the cost associated with the holidays.

The first and most important thing to do is to make a list of the people you will need to purchase gifts for and your approximate budget for each person. When you make your list, be realistic and decide on amounts that are attainable without having you go into debt.

Once I set my budget amounts for each person, I work really, really hard to try to come in as far under that number as possible. This doesn’t mean that I get cheap gifts, I just try to get as good a deal as possible on the item.

So how do I save on the actual gifts?

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The answer is any way I possibly can. I am a huge fan of Black Friday and often save a lot of money just by braving the crowds. Shopping online during the holiday season is a big part of my savings, also. In-store be aware of special coupons.

Keep an eye on the ads, know what you’re looking for and buy it when the price dips.

Don’t wait until December to start thinking about the financial side of Christmas. It’s no surprise that it comes every year but somehow many families end up going into debt over the holiday.

Come January, they get a depressing credit card bill that makes for a bleak start to the new year. Plan ahead and put a little aside from each paycheck! Also, check big toy clearances throughout the year and stockpile your gifts for the holiday.

So there you have it! Probably nothing new to all of you frugal shoppers, but maybe some of you needed permission to spend less this year. I have already started to share great deals for gift items on my blog – you can check it out at

Together we can help keep each other from overspending and focus on the importance of the season!

* When she’s not chasing two very busy little boys, Aubrey Does loves drinking coffee and blogging deals. You can read more of her frugal adventures at

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